How to get the best from your online music lessons

Over the last few years we have all embraced the challenges and rewards of online working and learning. For many it has been a positive experience and a great way to stay connected even as we head back to some form of normality.

Many of our talented musicians at Passionate About Music Education have decided to continue having their lessons online for many reasons. Having online lessons cuts down on unnecessary travel to a studio, allows you to connect with specialist teachers that are not in your town, and allows you to pick a program that works for your needs. But for many, the flexibility that online lessons offer is still the number one reason.

So if you are considering online music lessons for yourself or a family member here are a few suggestions to consider to get the best from your lessons.

  1. Do I need lots of expensive equipment for online lessons?

In truth many of our students are having lessons using an iPhone only. You really don’t need lots of high-tech equipment just a decent wifi connection. However, I would recommend that you use a computer rather than a phone for the lessons if you can. It will offer better connection and audio. If you do need to use a phone then try to ensure it is on a stand so it doesn’t move around during the lesson.

2. Do I still need an instrument and music books?

Yes you do, because you need access to that instrument for the lesson and for practising between lessons. You will need access to your books or sheet music during the lesson to write your notes on.

3. How do I prepare for my lesson?

In much the same way as you would for any activity, you need to ensure that you are ready for the lesson.

  • Arrive a few minutes early with your instrument and books set up and ready. This creates a calm start to the lesson and maximises the teaching time.
  • Try to ensure that you are in a quiet space for lessons so you can be focused for learning.
  • Make sure that you angle the screen so you are easy to see and not playing your instrument at an awkward angle. Lying on a bed is really not great for lessons!
  • Make sure all notifications and other apps are closed on the device during the lesson. This will help with focus.
  • Remember to have a notebook, pencil and a drink of water. Don’t eat during the lessons, particularly for singing, brass or woodwind lessons.
  • You are now ready to log on.

4. What age should children be to have online lessons?

Truthfully this will depend on your child’s concentration levels and ability to learn independently. For some this can be as early as 8 years old and for some that is not until 12 years old. There is no wrong or right age, just what is honestly best for your child.

If you are interested in starting online lessons with our studio then send us a quick message and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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