Passionate About Music Education

Creating Community through the Love of Music

Music Lessons

We offer fast-paced individual and group music lessons with excellent results. We coach you in understanding the language of music so you will become a confident and talented musician. Learn more!

Community Music

We believe music is a life-long hobby. We coach ensembles and workshops for people who are serious about creating a community through the love of music. We offer individualised homeschool packages for parents and companies who want to understand how to include music.

Coaching for Music Teachers

If you are a music professional we offer tailor-made specialist courses to transform your career with ease and speed. We have a dedicated YouTube channel and weekly blog post with lots of free content and advice.

About Us

Passionate About Music Education was founded by Rachel Hardman. She has been teaching music and performing arts in schools for nearly 25 years in the UK and Internationally.

More About Us

15 top practice tips to quickly improving your musical skills!

One of the biggest challenges of learning a musical instrument is balancing your weekly practice, particularly for teenagers and adult learners. Many people feel guilty because they don’t practice enough each week and are self-critical on themselves. If this sounds familiar then this might be because you have been told you need to practice every day for big chunks of time.

How to set up a Clarinet

If you are new to the clarinet then knowing how to set it up can be quite confusing. Here are my quick tips for success:

Why music coaches are important!

So you just got a new musical instrument for Christmas and you are super excited to start learning your favourite pieces! You set up the new instrument and then dive over to Google or Youtube to find a starter piece to learn. Sorted! This music making business is easy – right??