Summer Music Lessons!

As we approach the summer break, we are so excited to share our amazing summer music packages that we think are perfect for musicians of all ages.

Summer Music Lessons!

Come join us for a summer of musical fun! These classes are perfect for anyone:

  • totally new to an instrument
  • looking to keep playing whilst school band is out for the summer
  • improve your solo playing
  • Improve your technique and sound
  • Wanting to prepare for and take music exams

Our highly skilled music teachers are here to help you become confident musicians and help you improve quickly in all areas of your playing. Our teachers have been teaching and playing for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience to ensure that you maximise the time in your lessons.

We are offering two packages:

Our monthly subscription at $120 a month

This includes one weekly 30 minute lesson. Students would need to take a class every week and during the summer break lessons can be scheduled during the day and at weekends. We also offer longer sessions of 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

Summer Music Lesson Special 2023

A block of 10 x 30 minute lessons at $350 that can be taken at any point between 1st June – 15th September 2023. This allows you to book the lessons to fit your summer schedule and have flexibility to book more than one session a week and have gaps when you are away from home. All 10 lessons must be used by 15th September 2023.

An early bird discount is offered at $315 for anyone who pays in full before 30th May 2023.

Contact us at for more information and to register now!

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