Who are we?

Rachel Hardman

Welcome to Passionate about Music Education!

I strongly believe in the power of the arts and its place in every culture and society. The arts must have a place in schools, education and in our every day lives. I want to bring this message to a much wider audience and continue to advocate for the value of the arts. I have been fortunate to have an amazing career, teach wonderful students and met so many wonderful friends, parents, and colleagues on this journey. I believe that the arts are an amazing life-long hobby for all and an awesome career path.

We offer individual and group lessons

We offer free content and resources

We offer specialised courses for music educators

I want to support aspiring musicians and educators cope with the demands of working in education. It is a high-demand and continuously changing profession and at times can be incredibly stressful. Therefore I offer courses on stress management as well as learning the skills to become an awesome musician and teacher.

I am happy to help – so don’t be afraid to ask any questions and sign up for the latest news and blogs!

Rachel Hardman

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