Rachel Hardman

Rachel Hardman

Rachel’s musical career started like most by playing the recorder! She then transitioned to learning the clarinet and saxophone at school in the UK, taking part in every school group and being heavily involved in the county music ensembles. She had the opportunity to play at the Music for Youth National Finals twice, held at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

She studied music at the University of Salford, specialising in conducting and arranging. She studied conducting and arranging with David King, Peter Graham and Roy Newsome. After this, Rachel went to Manchester Metropolitan and studied a PGCE in Secondary Music Education and instrumental Music. While studying in Manchester, Rachel played first clarinet for the Manchester Police Band and was regularly booked as a woodwind specialist in pit bands for musicals.

Rachel taught music and drama in the UK public education system for thirteen years. She has always been passionate about the value of music and drama in schools and has continuously led choirs, bands, orchestras and chamber ensembles in all schools where she has been Head of Music or Head of Performing Arts.

Rachel has taught internationally in Switzerland and Bermuda. She was proud to have supported the Bermudian Public School music system by writing the Middle School Music Curriculum update for 2020 and delivering island-wide training for middle school music teachers .

Even after all this time, Rachel is still as passionate about sharing her love of music with others. In fact, you could definitely call her a music geek!

Rachel is always happy to help and give guidance – so don’t be afraid to ask any questions and sign up for the latest news and blogs!

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