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Music Teachers – how to protect yourself from negativity!

Are you the bubbly music teacher that loves music? But recently you have found yourself feeling a bit down, fed up and unmotivated. Have you considered that you might be absorbing negativity without even realising it?? If you work in a school then you might not really have considered the impact language has on yourContinue reading “Music Teachers – how to protect yourself from negativity!”


When I first started teaching music I was told by my peers and mentors that it was an exhausting career. “Don’t expect to have evenings to yourself” and “to only expect to have time for yourself in the holidays”. Who was I to question these seasoned and successful teachers? So off I went in myContinue reading “PIES!”


I love music with all my heart. I have been sharing my love for music in public and private schools in the UK, Switzerland and Bermuda for nearly 25 years. It has been such a joy and awesome experience. But, on more than one occasion I have felt burned out, stressed and unfulfilled. Yet, notContinue reading “Welcome!”

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