Music Theory Classes

Theory Classes

New on-line group theory classes starting! These classes are perfect for you if you want to:

🎵 improve your pitch and rhythm reading
🎵 Learn to transpose
🎵 Understand time signatures
🎵 Understand Italian terms
🎵 Apply the theory to your instrument practically
🎵 You would like to take the ABRSM theory exams

Classes will be on-line via zoom and we are accepting students to go on the waiting list.

Reach out today to enrol!

Other Ensembles we offer:

  • Clarinet choir
  • Flute choir
  • Saxophone chamber group
  • Children and Adult choirs
  • Musical Theatre workshops
  • Drama workshops
  • Parent and Tots music class
  • 5 week Music history classes

Reach out to us for more information and Let’s connect!

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