Music Teachers – how to protect yourself from negativity!

Are you the bubbly music teacher that loves music? But recently you have found yourself feeling a bit down, fed up and unmotivated. Have you considered that you might be absorbing negativity without even realising it?? If you work in a school then you might not really have considered the impact language has on yourContinue reading “Music Teachers – how to protect yourself from negativity!”

Music teacher anxiety and strategies to reduce it!

Anxiety can be a cruel visitor. If you are suffering from anxiety at the moment then please know that you are not alone. Nearly every adult on the planet will have a period in their life where anxiety is causing you issues and stopping you from living your healthiest and happiest self. So, what toContinue reading “Music teacher anxiety and strategies to reduce it!”

How to find music teaching resources?

In the 25 years I have been teaching secondary music finding good music teaching resources has always been a challenge. Very few people write academic music books, particularly for KS3 (middle years) which is a great shame. When you do find books and resources, a lot of it is aimed for students already learning musicalContinue reading “How to find music teaching resources?”

Music Curriculum Planning Tips

I love curriculum planning but it can be really hard work! Why you ask?? Well music is a universal language that is found in every culture and society around the global. So when you have the freedom to create your own music curriculum, particularly at primary and middle school, it can be really challenging decidingContinue reading “Music Curriculum Planning Tips”

How teachers can reduce stress when using self-care properly

Not self-care again I hear you say! It seems that this has become the ‘buzz’ word of the last year. Everyone telling you to self-care! Hard to do when teaching expectations seem to be changing constantly on a daily basis – right? So here I am telling you to self-care to reduce stress – soContinue reading “How teachers can reduce stress when using self-care properly”

Why being a music teacher can be awesome!

For all those of you wondering if you should take your music skills to the next level and turn it into a career then I would strongly recommend you consider music education. I know – teaching, teachers and students gets such a bad press! So why would I advocate for music teaching after all theseContinue reading “Why being a music teacher can be awesome!”