Your child wants piano lessons – What parents need to know!

Many parents who reach out regarding piano lessons aren’t really sure where to begin. So in this blog I share my top tips to getting started and having a successful piano experience.

What do parents need to know about music lessons for their children?

Your child has just come home from school and announced to everyone that they would like to learn an instrument. For most parents hearing this statement can cause uncertainty and panic.

Confidence and Practice for Musicians

When reflecting back on the last week of teaching, confidence was the topic that I had found myself discussing in depth with all of my students and choirs. It didn’t matter about age, gender or experience, because the challenges were all the same.

How can Music Teachers help their students become self-reflective learners?

Check out my top tips on using video recordings in music classes and why the record button is such a powerful tool for all our music students to become self-reflective learners!

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