Why music coaches are important!

So you just received a new musical instrument for Christmas and you are super excited to start learning your favourite pieces! You set up the new instrument and then dive over to Google or Youtube to find a starter piece to learn. Sorted! This music making business is easy – right??

Actually a musical instrument without someone to coach you through the early stages is like getting a mobile phone for Christmas without a sim – not a lot of use. In fact – every year many guitars and keyboards are bought and within a few months are discarded or put up on social media for sale. Mainly because the owner believes that they just aren’t suited to learning a musical instrument or just not good enough.

Yet, it really doesn’t have to be this way at all.

Sadly, so few people want to invest the time or money in themselves to get good at music or as a matter of fact in most areas of their lives – particularly adults. We are so good at finding excuses – not enough time in the day, too tired, too busy with household chores, work gets in the way, the instrument isn’t working properly, haven’t got the spare money, etc. In fact the list can go on and on.

Perhaps you have been inspired by a friend who has lost a significant amount of weight or got super fit? 9 times out of 10 they will have hired a coach or specialist programme to help them stay accountable and focused. We all know what it is like to try and lose a few pounds – we start out with good intentions but without a programme or other people to hold us accountable each week it is easy to miss a few steps and not stick with the diet properly.

The result of not getting the professional help is to feel sad, disappointed, demotivated and not good enough. This negative spiral will keep us in a limited story that we just can’t lose weight or get fit. Yet if your friend can do it why can’t everyone? Well in truth you friend invested in their success and themselves!

Well that doesn’t have to be your story for learning a musical instrument! I know that there is a lot of great information available for free from the internet but having a music coach will get you to your goals quicker with great results and you feeling successful.

How do music coaches do this?

Well firstly we were a beginner once and have had to work through all the challenges of learning our instrument. We know the pitfalls, difficulties and frustrations so we can definitely help you avoid these! Many of us have taken music performances exams and studied at university level so we have seen the process through from the beginner to the master level.

We know all about the instrument because we are truthfully super geeky about music – we know the best brands, accessories, set up and resources that you will need to know and use to make a great sound!

We know the correct posture and position for your instrument to help you avoid potential physical pain and damage to yourself.

We have spent a long time learning to read music and all the musical theory that goes alongside performing so we know what works at different ability levels. So many beginners want to learn Für Elise by Beethoven but your music coach will know that you are just not ready for it after two lessons!

We have links within the community so we can help you find the best music stores and local bands to join. We can help you learn how to start a band, learn to play in an ensemble, pass music exams and even how to compile audition recordings to study or play music at the highest level. We can recommend a whole host of amazing musicians of your instrument to listen to and even connect you to the global world of music-making. Musicians are truly a tight-knit and supportive community.

So if you have bought a new instrument for yourself or a loved one this Christmas then I hope you take my advice and look around for a music coach to help you. It will be a great investment in yourself and your success – I promise!

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