How to be an Awesome General Music teacher!

If you enter the teaching profession as a musician then there is a good chance you will have to teach some general music classes and not just your own specialist instrument. For many this can seem a daunting prospect but truthfully you are better equipped than you can imagine! Having taught general music for nearlyContinue reading “How to be an Awesome General Music teacher!”

What should music teachers consider when starting a beginner choir?

Now that restrictions are starting to ease back up this is a great time to consider starting a choir programme for the next school year. Whether you are teaching in a primary or secondary school or planning to lead an after-school choir, having a choral programme is amazingly good fun and loved by students. IfContinue reading “What should music teachers consider when starting a beginner choir?”

How to find music teaching resources?

In the 25 years I have been teaching secondary music finding good music teaching resources has always been a challenge. Very few people write academic music books, particularly for KS3 (middle years) which is a great shame. When you do find books and resources, a lot of it is aimed for students already learning musicalContinue reading “How to find music teaching resources?”

Music Curriculum Planning Tips

I love curriculum planning but it can be really hard work! Why you ask?? Well music is a universal language that is found in every culture and society around the global. So when you have the freedom to create your own music curriculum, particularly at primary and middle school, it can be really challenging decidingContinue reading “Music Curriculum Planning Tips”