How can Music Teachers help their students become self-reflective learners?

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A huge welcome to all the new followers of Passionate About Music Education! It’s so great to have you here!

So why did I found Passionate About Music Education? After teaching in the classroom for nearly 25 years I kept coming back to the question – what is it that I love about music education?

🎶 I love helping teenagers grow in confidence, ability and self-worth through music.

🎶 I love the joy performing in concerts creates for parents and their children.

🎶 I love hearing students create beautiful compositions and dig deep into being creative and self-expressive.

🎶 I love helping students be prepared to go out into the world, regardless of whether it is to study music, and be confident, happy young people.

But after 25 years I needed more. I needed a new challenge. There was something missing. So I dug deep and really thought about what I wanted.

🎶 I want to help music teachers live a happier and healthier life

🎶 I want to teach more music and do less of the school daily chores that stop me from serving my students

🎶 I want to teach adults as well as teenagers because I truly believe music is a life-long hobby / career.

So to help music teachers I created a Youtube channel called Passionate About Music Education and over the last year I have been creating videos that discuss good teaching practice, how to manage the stress of the school year and more importantly how to manage your own stress.

I love making these videos – sharing content with others that I wish I had been taught 20 years ago. I know I would have been a happier and healthier teacher had this knowledge been shared in PD or courses.

So my latest video is for anyone who wants to know why recording is such an amazing self-evaluation tool. It can be applied in the classroom, instrumental lessons or for anyone playing at home for fun.

Let’s be honest – we all want to improve and grow and self-evaluation is such a powerful tool if used positively!

Check out my video and let me know what you think. If you like it why not subscribe to the channel and share the video with others who will benefit.

Rachel x

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