3 great reasons to learn a musical instrument

Here at Passionate About Music Education we could easily give you 100 awesome reasons for learning a musical instrument! Today we are going to just share 3!

  1. Music is a life-long hobby

Like sports, learning a musical instrument is a skill that can last long beyond school. In fact, music truly can be a life-long hobby.

I believe music allows us to make friends, connect with others and create communities long past school age and that is why music is a life-long hobby. It is a pass-time you can stop and come back to at any point in your life and it really doesn’t take long to get back into. One of the goals of Passionate About Music Education is to encourage and create opportunities for music to be seen as a life-long hobby and that is why we offer lessons, ensembles and workshops for adults as well as younger students.

2. Playing music uses all parts of the brain

There has been significant scientific research into the way the brain works and one of the interesting facts discovered is how much of the brain is used when playing a musical instrument. In fact more of the brain is stimulated when playing music than in any other activity.

Students who study music general out-achieve their peers and many CEOs learnt a music instrument at school. Musical intelligence is one of the 7 multiple intelligences.

There is much research happening currently in the value of music in helping with long-time health issues, including dementia. All great reasons to sing or play an instrument.

3. Good for our mental wellbeing

There is a joy that music brings into everyone’s life. A way that music can light you up even on the darkest days.

Everyone has their go-to album and artists on their good days, bad days, sad days and nothing beats loud rock music to get rid of some work frustration! For me, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire will always make me smile, dance around the room and sing loudly! I can’t feel anything other than happiness when I hear that classic tune.

I hope these three reasons inspire you to consider music as a life-long hobby you want to be involved in and we will always be happy to help you achieve this goal!

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