Music Teachers – how to protect yourself from negativity!

Are you the bubbly music teacher that loves music? But recently you have found yourself feeling a bit down, fed up and unmotivated. Have you considered that you might be absorbing negativity without even realising it??

If you work in a school then you might not really have considered the impact language has on your motivation. Consider this situation. Have you ever walked into the staff room to grab a drink and have a quick chat to find that your colleagues are sat complaining again about a wide range of topics that they can’t change?? Or even worse you find yourself sat there complaining too!

Well we have all done it, my friend, so if you find yourself at this point then don’t worry a solution is at hand.

  1. Consider the language of the school culture

Is it nurturing, supportive and encouraging? Is it demanding, high pressured and deadline driven? Those two different approaches to language will impact you indirectly on a daily basis if subjected to it over along period of time. Think how much the negative mindset and language gets absorbed quickly by the staff and children. It certainly will have an impact on your well-being and motivation without protecting yourself from it.

2. Watch out for negative mindsets

Teaching is in many ways full of demand, command and instructional type language. We use it all the time with students and it spills out into the adult conversations. It is easy to react emotionally when we are stressed and tired to this kind of language. We see it with our students too! Observe your thoughts and protect yourself from absorbing these traits. Aim for calm healthier boundaries where you respond to situations rather than react.

3. Protect your boundaries and watch your language

Watch the language you use in everyday interactions, particularly when stressed. You will automatically see that the language becomes harsher and the mindset becomes negative. This will impact the meaning you give the situation you find yourself in.

So, soften that language as soon as you can. For example, instead of saying ‘I hate report writing’ you could aim for ‘report writing is rather bothersome’. Instantly this changes the emotional energy and the way it impacts your body and frame. Aim to protect your boundaries and frame by noticing patterns and separating from it but not isolating yourself.

I hope this helps you start to get back onto a happier path. Try observing mindsets and language around you for 14 days and see where you can start making the changes. It is the path to feeling happier again!

If you want to dive into this topic in more detail check out my latest video on Passionate About Music Education Youtube channel. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe! xx

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