Music teacher anxiety and strategies to reduce it!

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Anxiety can be a cruel visitor.

If you are suffering from anxiety at the moment then please know that you are not alone. Nearly every adult on the planet will have a period in their life where anxiety is causing you issues and stopping you from living your healthiest and happiest self.

So, what to do when it turns up?

  1. Recognise that you are feeling anxiety

The easiest way to know that anxiety is happening is that you have an over-active mind worrying about the past or the future on a daily basis. Our ego mind wants to protect us and keep us safe. Therefore it wants to control situations that we actually can’t control. So we end up ruminating through ever scenario (more than once!) and this can be first thing in the morning when you wake up or last thing at night – keeping you awake into the small hours.

2. Start self-care immediately

If you are feeling anxiety and stress then you need healthy ways to start releasing it from your mind and your body. So start by ensuring that you do 3 x 10 minutes of self care every day for at least 21 days. This can range from a walk, reading, bubble baths, chats with friends and so much more. Self-care acts as a way of filling up your own cup and helps you let go of the anxiety that is not serving you. Whilst you are doing your favourite self-care activities that you enjoy, the brain is able to focus on the present. This will help release the stress being caused by anxiety and stop the ego mind flitting back and forth continuously between the past and the future trying desperately to control and protect.

3. Journal, exercise and meditate

These are great activities, alongside self-care, that will help train the mind to stay in the present. Ironically, the present moment is the only thing that truly exists, yet our ego mind really never wants us to be present in the present. It seems crazy that the ego mind wants to just create more pain for ourselves!!

Again, like self-care, if you practice these over 21 days you will see a difference and will be able to gain more control over the wondering, unhelpful thoughts. We store so much of our stress and traumas in our body and mind without truly realising. Meditating and journalling allows us to explore these unresolved traumas and start to heal. We have to learn to question our limiting beliefs and the stories our mind makes up. Ask yourself – is it true? Can you really control it?

Remember my friend, you are already whole and complete, worthy of love and more than good enough – regardless of what your ego mind tells you!

For more insight into this topic, check out my latest video on Passionate About Music Education Youtube channel, or reach out to enrol in one of our coaching courses.

I hope it helps x

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