Individual Lessons

Individual Music Lessons

There are many ways to learn a musical instrument for free and for many who want to dabble at music this works perfectly well. In reality though, the progress is slow and most will likely give up.

Having the right coach to help you understand the language of music, the technical aspects of the instrument and to guide you quickly and passionately in achieving musical success is invaluable. In fact – as you are investing time and money into your own personal growth – getting the right coach is essential.

Learning an instrument is hard work and can be frustrating at times but with the right coach on your side, cheering you on, you will be amazed at the progress you make each month.

Passionate About Music Studio specialises in clarinet, saxophone, flute, piano and singing coaching. As a community of music lovers we walk alongside you whatever stage you are at in your musical journey and you will have the support of the whole studio. 

​Monthly Private Tuition Rates

  • Rachel Hardman, Owner, BA Hons, PGCE, MA Ed,45 minutes ($195/month), 60 minutes ($260/month)
  • Staff Music Coaches | 30 minutes ($120/month), 45 minutes ($180/month), 60 minutes ($240/month)

We offer on-line lessons internationally and our fees can be charged in your own currency.

Monthly tuition rates are calculated based on 42 lessons in one calendar year, which takes into account school holidays, studio breaks, and your teacher’s personal two-week unpaid vacation.

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